About Us

Welcome to Ensaf

Insaf For Development is a civil society organization that does not belong to any political or military faction working in the fields of service, education, social and agricultural development.

Who Are We

Ensaf for Development .. Humanitarian organization based in Syria – Deir Ezzor -Hajen.

Works in the areas of service, education and community .. And implements agricultural projects and livelihood projects.

Our Mission

Ensaf for Development aims not to pursue the private interest because it is neutral, human, independent and non-discriminatory and aims primarily to achieve public benefit through the implementation of service, educational and social projects that society aspires to achieve and favor development.


A group of young academics, engineers and technicians who have experience and skills.

They work together to serve their communities and regions.

Ensaf.. because our society deserves.

Our history

Ensaf organization was founded in early 2019 with the beginning of the liberation of the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor,and worked with the community to restore life to the city by providing insights and ideas and studying the needs of the region. It has had a footprint in the establishment of the educational system in the region by opening channels of communication with local councils  and coordinating the work and efforts with actors on the ground to reach the desired goals.

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