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Ensaf for Development works hand in hand to promote a world of love, security and peace
     A world of cooperation, understanding and love among members of society …
    A balanced society in which the finest livelihoods are realized
   A world that respects every human and gives him his right
    A balanced society in which the conditions of development and social solidarity are met
    A world of understanding and harmony among peoples
    A world that respects all spectrums of society
    A world that respects the existence of women and appreciates their presence and active role in the progress of society.
    A world where children enjoy before adults and establish the principle of social justice.


Who we've worked with


Launching the project to rehabilitate the health facilities for schools from Al-Jarzi to Al-Baghouz

محطة حوامه

Ensaf Development Organization concludes the rehabilitation project for the Hawamah potable water plant

The closing session of the project "Frati dialogues, towards effective community participation"

The "Corona and Back to School" initiative, in partnership with the Aso Center for Studies and Consulting

Hawamah station project commenced work

Begin decoding and removal of old equipment from the project site

Ensaf Development begins work on a rehabilitation project for Hawamah drinking water station

Ensaf Development ends the works of Sharkia Complex project

Distribution of drip irrigation system equipment to farmers

"Ensaf For Development" organization distributed drip irrigation system equipment to 25 vegetable farms within the "Al-Sharkia Complex" project

Insaf For Development completes "Euphrates Pulse" project

"Ensaf for Development" has completed all works of the "Pulse of the Euphrates" project (rehabilitation of the Agricultural Society in Al Sh'afa).

Resuming the works of " the Sharkia Complex "

"Ensaf Development" organization has resumed its work on the "Al-Sharkia Complex" agricultural project Where the workshops work with all their energy and in the various project sites to complete the work with its specified time and the best possible image


Training for the beneficiaries of the drip irrigation project

"ENSAF For Development" undertakes training for farmers benefiting from the project of the distribution of drip irrigation systems

What Beneficiaries say

We thank ENSAF specifically that came to our region and took the initiative and assisted in these works the peasants to rehabilitate the water canal in the city of Al-Shafa.
A resident of the area

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